What is Paracord?

The history of Paracord dates back to the battlefields of the second World War, where soldiers used the suspension cords from military parachutes for tying, fastening and general purpose application. This lightweight versatile cord became appropriately named "paracord"- It's even been known to be used by astronauts.

Since then, the use of paracord beyond the battlefield has become popular with outdoor enthusiasts, campers, boy scouts and crafters alike.

The term "Paracord" has become the common name given to any versatile kermantle type rope with a diameter of 4mm, 7 inner cores and a woven outer sleeve, and is commercially available in different specifications, materials, colours  and qualities for a range of uses.

550 Paracord is the term given to 4mm cords with a tested strength rating of at least 550 pounds, our 550 Pracord is made in USA from Nylon, Polyester, or a combination of both, to high-quality Specifications. 550 Paracord should be chosen when strength and durability is needed.

Polypropylene Paracord is cord a 4mm, 7 strand core, perfect for crafting or when a lower priced value rope will do!  Our Polypropylene paracord, like all paracord made in China is not strength tested, but we have ensured that we source it from one of the highest quality rope manufacturers for constancy and quality. many chinese suppliers make false claims of materials or strength.

275 Tactical Paracord is half the strength and size of 550 paracord at 2.4mm diameter and a tested strength of 275 pounds with a 4 strand core , also made in USA to high-quality specifications from Nylon, Polyester, or a combination and is perfect for when a thinner diameter quality cord is needed