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Atwood Micro Cord - Reflective - 1.18mm 125ft - USA Made

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Atwood Micro Cord - 1.18mm 125ft - USA Made

Micro Cord is a small high-tech braided cord that is incredibly strong and lightweight. Its compact design makes it easy and convenient to carry and Atwood Micro Cord - 1.18mm 125ft - USA Made

Micro Cord is a high-tech braided cord which is lightweight and strong making it perfect for versatile use around the house, camping and in the workshop

This cord is perfect for jewelry makers and crafters, backpacks, emergency kits, bracelets, lanyards, key chains, fishing line, handle wraps, wind chimes/dream catchers, and much more! This rope comes on a small reusable plastic spool.

Woven in reflective strands makes it visible in the dark when light is shined on it


Rope Diameter - 3/64" / 1.18mm
Tensile Strength - 100 lbs / 46 kg
Weight (oz/125ft approx) - 2oz / 35g
Material - Polyester / Nylon
Lightweight & Strong
Color Will not run or bleed
UV, Rot, Mildew Resistant