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NITE IZE KeyRack Locker® Steel - S-Biner®

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NITE IZE KeyRack Locker® S-Biner® Stainless Steel

NITE IZE KeyRack Locker® - S-Biner®


The Nite Ize KeyRack is compact and functional, simple and versatile
featuring a stainless steel clip body and clip closure on one end which holds six Stainless steel Locker® Microlocker S-Biner® on the other.
Great for when you need to remove a key from your keyring quickly and easily.
Extra secure with Locker® center twist-to-lock levers

Stainless Steel clip body holder
6 Stainless Steel Size #0 S-biner® -Locker®
Dimensions: 78.10mm x 39.10mm x 15.20mm
Weight: 37g

WARNING: Not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. Not for climbing.

Authentic Nite-Ize product designed in the USA